Who Shops at the Mall Anymore?

Back in my teenage years, I lived at the mall. I diagnosed myself as a crazed shopaholic. Then I grew up and something changed. Was it bills? Was it my priorities? Oh no. I still prioritize in looking decent, but the difference now is that I don't have time to go to a brick and mortar store, look around, try on clothing and make small talk with the employees that work there. Nope. WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT. 

I'd much rather shop online. It cuts my gas costs significantly and I don't have to physically move if I don't want to. (Well, maybe to the door to grab my package.) Most people I know would rather browse for outfits online rather than wander around the mall for five hours. Why is that? Convenience is the word of the century. 

Retail stores have gotten creative on incorporating technology to update the consumer shopping experience. The other day I heard that Burberry was making significant efforts in using technology to mimic the experience of online shopping in store since they were finding that less and less people were coming in to their stores. 

Check it out here: 

Pretty cool right? I mean LOOK at that. Imagine walking into a retail store with multiple TV screens that use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to trigger multimedia content that relates to the store's products. Mirrors are able to transform into screens with real time runway footage. Sales associates can use iPads to keep record of past purchase history and refer the customer to similar items. I guess seeing what that experience is like would make me get off the couch.

Okay, maybe Burberry is a bit of an extreme example, but the point is, retailers are going to more extremes to 1) Keep up with technology and 2) Keep shoppers interested in physically coming in to the stores. Change is in the works, but is it effective?

So what do you think? Would you rather shop online or go to the store for the personal experience?