What is the Future of New York Fashion Week?

It's time to get serious. This past New York Fashion Week was the first time the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and a few designers experimented with see-now-buy-now fashion to keep up with the demand of the consumers. What do the people want? Instant gratification. 

The history of the fashion show includes the showcase of designer collections usually about four to six months before it hits the retail stores. Originally it was only seen by exclusive insiders: buyers/editors/the media/celebrities. They were the key people that determined what styles were "in" and what styles were "outdated" for each new season. Now that social media is used as another form of influence, there is a larger audience.

The attention span of viewers seem to have decreased over time. The only way to make an impact is to keep up with the fast pace. Social media has played a large part in the changing fashion industry. Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. These strategies are used more and more to adapt to these changes. For the fashion show, the idea of see-now-buy-now is to keep the excitement of new product and drive sales.

What is see-now-buy-now? As soon as the designers showcase their collections on the runway, it is available to purchase directly.


  • It will cover our culture's insatiable need for instant gratification.
  • It will boost full price selling.
  • It will increase perceived newness.


  • It becomes too commercial.
  • The timing of retail deliveries will be out of sync with the seasons.
  • It is not realistic for some designers to create in-season shows. Some designers spend a lot of time on concept and fabric development. 

I'm curious to see how the next New York Fashion Week will pan out. The CFDA announced that fashion designers are free to choose their own strategy moving forward. It is going to be a messy next few seasons. Ladies and gentlemen we are witnessing a revolution.